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2019-06-2422nd Regional Olefins Producers Technical Committee Meeting (ROPTC)

     IRPC Public Co., Ltd. hosted The 22nd Regional Olefins Producers Technical Committee Meeting (ROPTC) for the Olefins manufacturers in S.E. Asia under the concept “Digitalization Drives Olefins Forward” with the objective to exchange knowledge among olefins manufacturers by bringing digital technology to industrial applications, increase competitiveness, create business opportunities as well as develop new products in creating added value to the products and reduce costs to support future growth whereby profitability and the ability to adapt go hand in hand with digital reform (Digitization).  The event was held between 24 - 26 June 2019 at Novotel Suvarnabhumi Bangkok
     The objective of ROPTC is to have Best Practice Sharing / Trouble shooting among Olefins manufacturers in 5 S.E. Asian countries which include:
         •  Thailand : GC, SCG, IRPC
         •  Malaysia : Petronas, Lotte Chemical Titan
         •  Singapore : PCS
         •  Indonesia : Chandra Asri
         • Philippines: JG Summit 

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