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2018-11-09IRPC welcomed POLIMAXX RUN3R overwhelming positive results with the hope to bring good health to Thai people by creating awareness with proper use of plastics

     Mr. Somkiat Lertritpuwadol, Senior Executive Vice President, Corporate Commercial and Marketing, IRPC Public Co., Ltd. (IRPC) provided the honor in the opening of the press conference of POLMAXX RUN3R whereby the event was joined by health conscious general publics and celebrities at Sky Running Ratthaprasasanabhakti Building (B) Government Complex, Chaengwattana.
     IRPC launches POLIMAXX RUN3R project as a petrochemical and refining operator who is committed to promote environmentally-friendly plastics, as well as advocating  sustainable use of plastic. The company wants to bring good health for the Thai people, create exercise loving society and build awareness and understanding of the proper use of plastic in order to reduce plastic waste with the concept of 3R Reduce; used as needed, Reuse and Recycle and separate waste before recycling. Plastic actually help to facilitate our way of life and should not have any impact on the environment if use responsibly.

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