Next Generation Polyolefin's for Better Life

Being in Petrochemical business since 1982, IRPC has continally dedicated our effect to develop knowledge management, creatr innovations, and research for manufacturing development, in order to satisfy customer demands roundly and various changes. Essentially, IRPC has an intention to meet with the needs of customers in new era, who are seeking for better quality of life. According to our cintinuously detemination for research and devalopment, IRPC finally found new innovation of polyolefin products which consist of high quality and diverse properties.

Untra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE), innovative polyolefin product., created by IRPC research and development team from our high aim unitil being the first UHMW-PE manufacturer inThailand and Southeast Asia, and commercial to market in November 2010.

It can be formed by various methods (i.e. compression,RAM extrusion, gel spinning, etc.) with temperature range of -200 °C, and also used for a wide variety of applications with many benefits such as toughness, impact strength, chemical resistance, high resistance to abrasion comparing with cabon steel.

Baby Bottle Polypropylene

3140NN Polypropylene Random Copolymer is new material with special design of structure leading to excellent transparency. High stiffness, high heat resistance also the superior toughness for products it cound replace Engineering Plastic (PMMA, SAN and PC) in the near future in applications of Injection Molding and Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM) for baby bottle. You can ensure that 3140NN PP bottle is not contained Carcinogen, so it is safe for your baby.

Antimimcrobial Compound

Antimicrobial Compound innovates with the concept of gathering IRPC Polyolefin products added high effcient chemical in Zinc or Silver base function with preventing the occurrence if slime, especially Bacteria. Antimicrobial compound can be used in many applications with the normal conditions. The components are complied with EPA and FDA regulations suitable for food container and household applications.

LPG Gas Cylinder Composite

New alternative smart choices of material for LPG cylinder "High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP)" with numerous benefits over traditional cylinder i.e. high impact strength, light weight without corrosion, chemical and UV resistance, attractive design

Bivalves Settlement Resistance HDPE Pipe

Bivalves Settlement Resistance HDPE Pipe Grade Series are the first dedicated polymer compounds that have proven resistance against boring bivalves without any infuence on drinking water quality or pressure rating.

Innovative HDPE grades for PE80 and PE100 class pressure pipe of Bivalves Settlement Resistance Series has been invented by IRPC R&D team extensively field-tested for usage assurance.

Without this product, end users and pipe designers may be skeptical of using HDPE pipe in the brackish water ares due to awareness of pipe damage.

Natural Coloring and Addtive Carrier System

With our high concern on environment and consumer health, IRPC devoted to research and develop natural color compound with the pigment extracted from natural raw material i.e. green color from spinach, brown color from caramel, thus consumer can ensure that the product is environmental friendly and less heavy metal by rataining plastic properties.

Master Batch Carrier

Z1060 comes in white fine powder form. It is a pioneerign master batch carrier, which can enhance high efficiency in well mixing with color pigment and additive. Together with its high melt flow rate at level of 33 g/10 min will bring the excellent dispersion property of pigment and additive in polymer. Z1060 is created with high intention for being a smart alternative choice for Master batch carrier to meet the customer requirement.

Systhetic Polyethylence Wax

Synthetic Polyethylence Wax created from our high aim to maximize efficiency, to meet customer need by end up in wide range of application such as in printing inks, processing aids, mould release agents, polishes and particularly in coatings like citrus, can, floor, and shoe, care products, automotive polished and adhesives, textile, magazine paper. This product provides excellent dispersion, color consistency and high flow ability in color & master barch compound; high gloss and high abrasive resistance in coating; excellent interal & external lubricant functional in injection.

Polypropylene Catalyst

Type : Ziegler – Natta Catalyst for Propylene Polymerization (Strirres-bed Gas Phase and Bulk Process)
Form : Dry Powder
Packing : 50kg/drum
Characteristic Hight Active Catalyst for All PP Product Range (Homopolymer, Heterophasic and Random Copolymer)

- Good Hydrogen Response
- Good Response to Ethylene Comonomer
- Good to Produce Heterophasic and Random Copolymer with High Wthylene Contentง

Polyethylene Catalyst

Type : Ziegler – Natta Catalyst for Ethylene Polymerization (Slurry Process)
Form : Suspension (Hexane Slurry)
Packing : 30kg in 170L drum

- High Activity in Homo and Copolymerization
- High Hydrogen Response
- Long Life Time Catalyst Suitable for Bi/Multi Modal Process
- Narrow PE Powder Particle Size Distribution
- Low Fine Polymer Content