Environment Reservation The organization emphasizes in creating the ecofriendly production.

1. CSR in Process

The organization emphasizes in creating the ecofriendly production. In 2014, Upstream Project for Hygiene and Value Add Products (UHV) was introduced. The project is to improve the quality of heavy oil from the distil tower by converting heavy oils into polypropylene, ethylene. The oil from separation process is a clean energy with high value. Sulfur which used in automotive industry can be extracted in this process. Polypropylene is used in cottage industry. 17 projects have developed in order to improve the production and decrease in impact on the environment costing 1,432.57 million baht. Those projects includes Fuel Change Boiler Unit 04, Reduce VOCs emission from asphalt tank by installing tempered water system, and Sea Water FGD Unit02 Improvement.

2. Energy Management

The organization raises energy management awareness to every employee. According to energy management policy, everyone can participate in energy management. IRPC is cooperating with 10 companies of PTT groups for developing innovations. Two projects have received awards in Best Practice Contest 2015. ZARUP project has received the platinum recognition award. The project is created to highlight the essence of information including production information, production plan, energy usage, environment, assessment and etc. The information will directly sent to mobile instead of computer for easy access and reducing loss cost for 106.4 million baht a year.

Decreasing Energy Consumption at 41B001 was awarded the bronze recognition. The project is to maximize the use of resources at production, to decrease resources exploit in order to lower the production cost, to decrease the exhaust rate of Sox and Nox at the fire heater, to reduce greenhouse gas which ultimately reserves 34.1 million baht per year.

The organization enforces energy management in both production and office station and encourage employee to create innovation for energy management. IRPC station in Bangkok has won an award in Energy Saver Project by decreasing the use of electricity by 27.9%. The means of energy management are used, for example, switching off lights in the office, conference room, white board hallway, lobby and at the ceiling after using, switching Halogen 50 watt to LED 7 watt at the hallway, lobby, conference room and executive office, taking down half of unused lights, hibernating or switching off computers and printers during lunch period and after office hour, switching off air-conditioner after office hour, unplugging refrigerator and cooling water unit, and cleaning refrigerator on every Friday.

3. Waste Management

The organization is adapting 3R (Reduce/ Reuse/Recycle) to develop waste management. In 2014, 80% of waste management in production can be reused, 20% of waste management needed to be recycled and the last 20% need to be landfilled.

4. Ecology

The organization enforces planting natural woodland along the industrial district since 1994. In 2014, the organization has reach out to the community in order to give out seed to the communities including Taphong Sub District, Choengnoen Sub District, Na Ta Khwan Sub District, Ban Laeng Sub District and Rayong City. The organization has requested the cooperation from plant seedling center throughout the country in order to acquire more plant seeds to accomplish its goal. The budget of 45 million baht is spent for woodland maintenances. Now, there are 267,300 trees inside the IRPC industrial area.