Corporate Social Responsibilities

IRPC Public Company Limited has an aim to drive business under the good govern and the responsibility to the society and environment by seeking balance between business factor, society and environment to develop business. In order to grow and maintain, the interests of the stakeholders must be concerned under the concept of CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility which focus on caring, sharing and respecting the stakeholders. This concept will ultimately lead to the industrial business and the community to co-exist harmoniously in the society, and to grow together.

The policy is introduced to promote the concept of CSR as a guideline for the organization and organization groups.

Well Management

Generating business with integrity that can be examined at all times by concerning and treating every stakeholders with equality.

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Generating business with neutrality

Generating business with neutrality in order to prevent the any complications in business interests. Enforce open free trade and neglect Intellectual property infringement practices.

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Human rights and Labor laws

Follow the human rights law stated by international standard which is the first element for human resources development.

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The responsibility toward consumers

Be responsible to the consumers by controlling the quality, developing and improving products and services to be at the safe environment.

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Engaging in community and society development

Developing community and society by investigate, correct and improve to prevent the violation on the society from direct and indirect business operating.

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Environment Reservation

Enforce environmental reservation by promoting the suitable environmental management, and tracking down the improvement and assessment.

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Innovation and advertising CSR culture

Developing and creating business innovations responses to the society which will increase the capability to complete with other business.

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Delivering reports on social and environmental matters

Conducting reports on society and environment using world standard in order to public the information on society responsibility and environmental reservation to any stakeholders.

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