IRPC Business

IRPC's Port

IRPC's port is located in the same area as its refinery Rayong Province

It offers a number of facilities and dock services for clients, including tug-boats, piloting services, lighters, fresh water and fuel, weigh scales, container yards, warehouses, and machines and equipment for transshipment of goods.

IRPC port consists of 2 terminals :

Liquid & Chemical Terminal :
Liquid & Chemical Terminal serves petroleum products and petrochemical product handling. The terminal consists of 6 wharves with vessel handling capacity ranging from 1,000 to 250,000 DWT.

Liquid & Chemical Terminal is equipped with modern handling equipment to assure operation efficiency and safety. This terminal is open to both internal and external customers. Currently, this terminal handles annual throughput of 15 million tons and serves more than 2,000 vessels per year.

Bulk & Container Terminal : Bulk and Container Terminal has a hand-shaped jetty reaching into the sea. The terminal can serve vessels 2 sides along the jetty. The terminal is 900 meters in length and 44 meters in width. The terminal consists of 6 wharves with vessel handling capacity ranging from 8,000 to 150,000 DWT.

Currently, Bulk and Container Terminal serves bulk and general products handling such as steel, coals as well as specialty products (e.g. large structural component). This terminal handles annual throughput of approximately 1.4 million tons. We have an ambition to ally with liners to use IRPC port in order to satisfy the needs of container cargo importers and exporters.

Tank Service Business

In addition to port services, we offer tank storage service and truck load service. Currently, we import oil and gas products and export to many countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan R.O.C, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc. We have 4 depots spreading across Thailand to serve customers. Our 4 Petroleum Depots are Rayong Depot, Ayutthaya Depot, Prapadaeng Depot, and Chumporn Depot.

Location & Facilities

IRPC Rayong Port is located only 2 kilometers from Sukhumvit Road. There are 2 routes to access IRPC Rayong Port: road along irrigation canal and road adjacent to Naval Arm Force Area. Both routes are connected to Sukhumvit Road.

Port facilities include tractor head, container chassis, reach stacker, hoppers, etc. We also provide spare emergency electricity and lighting on the jetty, fresh water supply, and bunker oil for customers. In addition, we provide tug and piloting service; and we have 2 truck scales and 2 large warehouses available.

Service for Ship-owner/Ship Agent

  • Pilotage
  • Tug boat
  • Mooring service
  • Water supply
  • Warehouse
  • Truck scale
  • Mobile crane


  • Port control center
  • Channel buoy lighting
  • Loading and discharging equipment for gas and liquid cargo
  • Container Yard
  • Lighting system
  • Local chart
  • Security system
  • Inland traffic control
  • Rescue gear