About Us

  • April 2006

    The Court issued an order of termination of the Business Reorganization Plan of the Company and its subsidiaries including Thai ABS Co., Ltd., TPI Aromatics Public Company Limited, TPI Oil Co., Ltd., TPI Polyol Co., Ltd., Thai Polyurethane Industry Co., Ltd., and TPI Energy Co., Ltd. on April 26, 2006

    On April 27, 2006 The Company held the Annual General Meeting to appoint new directors to replace directors who resigned deceased or retired due to expiration of their term of office and appointed additional directors in order for the Company to have 25 directors.
  • July 2006

    The Stock Exchange of Thailand excluded the securities of the Company from being delisted and removed NC sign from the Company's listed securities. on September 6, 2006
  • Sepember 2006

    On Sepember 29, 2006 The Company refinanced the Scheme Debt in total of USD 965 million equivalent with a one-year unsecured bridge financing of USD 805 million equivalent and a utilization of the Company's cash flow of USD 160 million equivalent.
  • October 2006

    On October 26, 2006 The Extraordinary General Meeting No. 2/2006 approved to change the Company name from "Thai Petrochemical Industry Public Company Limited" to "IRPC Public Company Limited"
  • November 2006

    On November 6, 2006 Ticker symbol of the Company's listed securities changed from "TPI" to "IRPC"