About Us

  • Best Investor Relations by Company in 2013

    IRPC Public Company Limited received "Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards 2013: Best Investor Relations by Company" from Corporate Governance Asia magazine. This award is given to a company that is committed to the highest standards of disclosure, transparency and fairness in disseminating information. Apart from the regular periodic reports submitted to the regulatory authorities, the team should take extra efforts to boost their communications with all the stakeholders.
  • Thailand Top Company Awards 2013 : CSR OF THE YEAR

    Business Plus magazine by AR IP (s) and University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce awarded Thailand Top Company Awards 2013: CSR OF THE YEAR for the IRPC has recognized the importance of participation in environmental conservation and social responsibility.
  • Sustainability Report 2013 Awards

    IRPC PUBLIC CO., LTD received a best prize of Sustainability Report Award 2013 from CSR Club of Thai Listed Companies Association in occasion to publicize information of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) which will increase a useful information to an investor in a form of sustainable report.
  • CSRI Recognition 2013 Awards

    IRPC received an award “CSRI Recognition 2013” from Corporate Social Responsibility Institute ( CSRI) under directed of The Stock Exchange of Thailand to be an honor and empower to a registered company which aim to develop a business progress with responsibility to the social as a good model in sustainable business.
  • Thailand Quality Class (TQC) Award 2013

    Polypropylene Plant, IRPC Public Company Limited, received Thailand Quality Class (TQC) Award 2013 from Thailand Quality Award National Committee of Thailand Productivity Institute.
  • Thailand Energy Awards 2013

    IRPC Public Co.,Ltd. received best award of Thailand Energy Awards 2013 for Energy Management Team, a Complimentary Award for Innovation Energy from Zakid Project and best award for Energy Control Manufacture from Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE), Ministry of Energy.
  • Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards 2013

    IRPC PLC received Corporate Governance Asia Recognition Awards 2013 in the category of Asia’s Outstanding Company on Corporate Governance from Corporate Governance Asia. The award was granted for the company’s outstanding performance in our business operation which faces constant changes. IRPC has always valued and treated all people of interests fairly, as well as the responsibilities toward the society and environment. The award was granted on 25th June 2013 at Marriott hotel, Resorts World Manila in Philippines .
  • The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2013

    IRPC PUBLIC CO., LTD received The Prime Minister’s Industry Award 2013 category of Energy management from Ministry of Industry. This award indicated IRPC is the best in energy saving, efficient in energy management conduct the work with concerning to the resource conservation and utmost usefulness.
  • Thailand ICT Excellence Awards 2013

    IRPC Public Co., Ltd received an award "Thailand ICT Excellence Awards 2013" as the excellency award of Information and communication technology and software adaptation in developing the company efficiently from Thailand Management Association (TMA) under the category of Core Process Improvement Projects from planning system and control of Tariff saving and Freight & Customs Clearance under category of ICT for Sustainable Development Projects from Zakid Project and testimonial awards of Core Process Improvement Projects from Financial Self Service (FSS) system.
  • รBest Health and Environmental Company award 2013

    Ayudya Tank Farm of IRPC Public company Limited received an award “ The Best Health and Environmental Company Award 2013” from General Department of Labour Protection and Welfare in the 27th National Occupational Safety and Health fair held by Occupational Safety and Health Bureau, Department of Labour protection and Welfare.
  • Certificate of Infrastructure Development Project to support reduce Greenhouse gas activity

    Complex 1 (PP Plant), IRPC Public Co., Ltd received a certificate in joining the project infrastructure development to reduce Greenhouse gas activity by using market strategy from Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) aim to be a Low Carbon Industry.
  • Green Meetings certificate

    On 18th June 2013, IRPC PLC received Green Meetings certificate from Thailand Business Council for Sustainable Development : TBCSD and Thailand Environment Institute Foundation : TEI. The certificate was granted for the company applying Green Meetings approach and consistently holding activities which campaign conservation of energy and natural resources.