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  • EIA Monitoring Awards 2011

    IRPC Public Co., Ltd. received EIA Monitoring Awards for outstanding environmental management and benefits to the community around IRPC Rayong Port. The port is operated under the concept of environment friendliness within the scope of the Green Port development project and in strict compliance with measures identified in its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report.

    EIA Monitoring Awards are awarded by the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Ministry. The awards are made to organizations that comply with measures identified in environment impact assessment reports and have outstanding environmental management, thereby motivating more organizations to implement such measures and enabling people to live together in a sustainable world.
  • Thailand Energy Awards 2011

    At Thailand Energy Awards 2011, Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn, Chief Executive Officer and President of PTT, former Chief Execitve Officer and President of IRPC received an honorary prize of the most outstanding personnel in Energy, in the category of Energy Saving Factory Executive. Also, Mr. Montri Rachatapant, Section manager of Naphtha Department’s Quality Improvement, IRPC Plc. received the award of Energy Saving Factory undertaker. The awards were granted by Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy.
  • The Outstanding Scientific Organization Award 2011

    IRPC Public Company Limited received the “Outstanding Scientific Organization Award 2011” from the Professor Dr.Tab Nilanidhi Foundation as the company has extended the continuous support through various programs and activities with great efforts and brought the benefits to the development of Sciences, society and economy in Thailand.
  • Thailand Innovation Awards 2011

    IRPC Public Company Limited received “National Innovation Award for Economy 2011” from the Ministry of Science and Technology. The award is the result of IRPC’s world class innovation of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Copolymer) resin by using natural rubber as raw materials to replace synthesis rubber. The product features a proportion of 20-50% natural rubber without changing production process while possessing the same standards with petrochemical ABS plastic.

    In addition, the product also supports domestic buying of rubber worth 620-1,560 million Baht from agriculturalists and decreases an import of Butadiene for over 10,000 tons per year, worth of 660 million Baht per year. It also reduces carbon dioxide emissions for 700,000 tons per year.
  • IRPC-THAI ABS received Certificate of Green Industry

    IRPC Public company limited and Thai ABS Company limited received “Green Certificate Level 3” (Green System) from the Ministry of Industry for systematic environmental management. IRPC also received the environmental standards from the Ministry of Industry for its continuous support to the society, community and environment and the sustainable development of Thailand’s industry sector.
  • IRPC received the certificate after the company sold Euro 4 fuel before law

    IRPC Public Company Limited received a shield and certificate from the Ministry of Energy after the company sold benzene and gasohol Euro 4 fuel in Rayong province before the implementation of law to solve pollution problem in the province.
  • IRPC wins “Thailand QC Contest Award”

    Mr. Sahachai Panichpong, Deputy Managing Director of Refinery and Petrochemical Group of IRPC, received the “Thailand QC Contest Award” from Dr. Nattapon Nattasomboon, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Industry, as IRPC extended the continuous support for the development of quality check system through various QC programs in many agencies. IRPC’s QC teams, namely “Season Change” and “UT-Club were named among Thailand’s outstanding QC groups and subsequent representation of Thailand at the International Symposium.
  • Certificate of Carbon Reduction Label 2011

    Plastic products of Thai ABS Company Limited (an IRPC subsidiary) received a certificate of Carbon Reduction Label from the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization). The products include:
    - Polystyrene: PS High Impact Polystyrene
    - Polystyrene: PS General Purpose Polystyrene
    - Expendable Polystyrene: EPS Standard Type and Self Extinguishing
    Their production processes are friendly to the climate, thanks to their reduction of green house gases.
  • Thailand Energy Awards 2011

    Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn, Chief Executive Officer and Acting President of IRPC, received the “Thailand Energy Awards 2011 – Outstanding Human Resources management” from Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy. The award aims to applaud him for his stunning energy savings performance and his plan to develop alternative energy. Also, the award aims to build awareness among related agencies and encourage them to apply his energy savings plan in order to create sustainable energy for the country in the future.
  • Thai Crown Standard Award

    IRPC Public Co., Ltd. has received the award, ‘Thai Crown Standard’ evaluated and certified by the Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public organization) in steam power and electricity production project, by changing the use of fuel oil to natural gas as a fuel, leading to a reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions by up to 40% and carbon dioxide of up to 400,000 tons per year.
  • Practices of Corporate Social Responsibility has passed the criteria, according to an announcement made by the Department of Industrial Works (CSR-DIW).

    The Ethylene production factory of IRPC Public Co., Ltd., and the Polymer Polystyrene production factory of Thai ABS Co., Ltd., have been operating to CSR standards, according to an announcement by the Department of Industrial Works of The Ministry of Industry.